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“The continent known for over 1000 years as the heartland of Christianity has gone into spiritual arrest. Drawing from the experience of many individuals and organisations, Meroff’s book takes a hard look at four population groups at the centre of Europe’s heart trouble: marginalised people, Muslims, youth and nominal and secular Europeans.

Jiří Unger, President of the European Evangelical Alliance: “Europe is very likely a battleground for the future of global Christianity…I hope that whoever reads these pages will be encouraged and inspired to prayer and action.”

UK Professor Arthur Noble: “The book is particularly useful for its hundreds of references to websites of Christian organisations and its bibliographic information on dozens of recommended books.”

George Verwer, Founder of OM International: “A cutting-edge, must-read!”

 VTR Publications, 296 pages. ISBN: 978-3-941750-06-7

AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON and now offered at special 70% discount from OM USA:,493.html



Women Taking on the World, for God’s Sake

Women Taking on the World, for God’s Sake

Authentic Media, 196 pages. ISBN: 978-1-85078-575-0

“A wake-up call to the reality of women and girls at risk in our world, told through the riveting stories of 9 courageous people and hard-hitting ‘Vital Statistics’ files, covering such topics as child brides, girl soldiers and ‘honour’ killings.

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Authentic Media, 2005. 176 pages.

Extraordinary stories of how God is using ordinary men and women and an international mission called Operation Mobilization

* His Comforting Touch * His Protecting Touch * His Healing Touch * His Practical Touch * His Providing Touch * His Seeking Touch

“You are doing yourself a huge favour if you get this book and read it. You will be blessed!”–Ruth Marlene Friesen




“God works in mysterious ways
His wonders to perform;
He plants His footsteps in the sea
And rides upon the storm.”
–William Cowper

“Deborah Meroff has followed God’s footsteps to the uttermost parts of the world, from snow-draped peaks to burning sun and blowing sand. Eyewitness to a world of social, political and religious change, she tells what life is really like for the people of these lands. “

FOOTSTEPS IN THE SEA now available as an E-book:



Historical Fiction. First Published by Zondervan, Republished by Inheritance Publications, 1997. 213 pages

Set in the time of clipper ships and the California Gold Rush, a fifteen-year old girl marries a handsome ship captain, and they sail around the world. Their adventures are chronicled by the young wife in first person, and the ending is such a surprise. For a fast and entertaining read, I recommend this book.”       –Debbie Wisdom, GOOD READS


The Story of Lady Jane Grey

Historical Fiction, first published by Zondervan,    Republished in 1998 by Inheritance Publications, Canada. 302 pages

Perhaps Meroff’s best decision was to write the novel in the first person perspective…. Nothing can make a story more poignant than the protagonist’s own emotions.… Meroff wove the story beautifully and gave Jane more depth than an exact recounting of her life would have. ”  Danielle Reid

“Who could not enjoy this book? The author has taken bare facts and transformed them into an emotional, realistic tale about the tragic Nine Days Queen.”
Mary Isaacs



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