On the road for Syria

8 Jul


On June 21st OM artists Dustin and Katie Kelm set off on an extraordinary adventure. Their goal is to ride two 36 inch “big wheel” unicycles from coast to coast across the USA in order to raise one million dollars for Syrian refugees and internally displaced people. The journey began at Tybee Island, Savannah, Georgia, and is scheduled to end the first week of October in Yachats, Oregon.

Dustin and Katie have been serving with OM Arts International since 2008. Millions around the world have been impacted by Dustin’s skills and personal testimony as he uses the unicycle at schools, festivals and other events as a tool to share the message of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, while in training just two months before the start of the Refuge Ride, Dustin had a crash that resulted in a concussion and broken arm. However, the Kelms felt the need and pain of Syrians was much greater, and made up their minds to complete the challenge.

Although the couple are riding the 3,500-plus miles their own, without any vehicle backup, this initiative is very much a team effort. A large support group has arranged lodging and speaking engagements, ships them supplies as needed and continues to recruit sponsors and donors.

“We have been amazed by the generosity and kindness we have already experienced,” they affirm. “Someone handed us cold water from their car window as we rode by. Numerous restaurants and hotels have graciously donated food and rooms. People have prayed with us for safety and success in parking lots. Others have donated instantly when hearing about our cause, even from their cars while slowly driving by to talk to us.”

OM is trying to meet some of the immediate physical needs of displaced Syrians, also providing trauma counseling programs and long term micro enterprise projects to get people back on their feet. Dustin and Katie ask you to get behind their effort by spreading the word, praying and giving. “With God’s help and the sacrificial involvement of many we can all make a difference in the lives of Syrians struggling to survive.”

Follow their journey this summer on http://refugeride.blogspot.co.uk/ and give at https://my.omusa.org/RefugeRide



One Response to “On the road for Syria”

  1. Alan Bowyer September 13, 2013 at 8:21 PM #

    A very great encouragement. We will be praying for them and continue our prayers for Syria inside the country and amongst the refugees. If you hear about any one working with them then please let me know. Love in Christ. Alan

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