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With ants running across my computer screen….

27 Mar

A month ago I was in northeastern Thailand, near the Laos border, writing with ants running across my computer screen, cockroaches in my luggage and my legs covered with bites too numerous to count.Thai templeIMG_0678This area is Thailand’s largest and poorest province. It is also where Jesus is least known. Buddhist temples are almost as common as the giant portraits everywhere that exalt Thailand’s beloved king — the oldest ruling monarch in the world.

Unlike the tourists who flock to Thailand for fun in the sun, the team I’ve come to see are seven young international men and women committed to work with a local church and university to share the message of Christ. Most Thais are gentle and friendly–seemingly open to listen. But opposition comes in the form of strong allegiance to tradition, culture and family.

Many parents go to work in Bangkok or overseas, leaving their children for relatives to cope with as best they can. This often results in early teen pregnancies and gay and lesbian relationships. Hard as it is to believe, some parents even send their girls to Bangkok to work in the flesh trade, just so the family can enjoy extras like phones and TVs.

After writing about the huge spiritual and physical challenges faced by local believers and Christian workers, I travelled down to Bangkok to gather more stories at a conference for international mission leaders. How incredible to sit with dozens of people from Chad, Greece, South Korea, Portugal, Ghana and other countries, and getting the real truth behind the news!

Thailandboy IMG_0693