7 Ways to Sharpen Your World Vision

7 Feb
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1. Ask God to remove your “blind spots” and open the eyes of your heart, so that you can see the world as he does.

2. Develop your awareness. Form a habit of jotting down world news items from the newspaper, radio or TV, and use them as a springboard for intercession.

3. Practice Acts 20:20 vision and go ‘house to house!’ Cultivate a friendship with a neighbour, perhaps one not born in your country. You may be surprised at how warmly you are received if you approach others as a learner, genuinely interested in understanding their culture.
4. Keep stretching your mind and heart. Reach into unknown horizons through articles, books, and TV documentaries. Use prayer guides like Operation World. Make a goal of remembering something new each time.
5. Take an active interest in the mission work your church supports. Get to know the missionaries by reading and praying over their updates. Invite them to your home if you get a chance.log039346. Investing some of your hard-earned money in an overseas project. is a sure way of focusing your interest!7. Consider participating in a mission project during one of your holidays. Mission agencies offer a wide variety of fascinating opportunities throughout the year to both individuals and families. You’ll return home with much more than a tan!

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One Response to “7 Ways to Sharpen Your World Vision”

  1. chris February 8, 2013 at 3:14 PM #

    thanks Debbie…good advice and yes I will do that!!

    Hope you are well…hi from best cafe in Kosova!!

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