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It’s time to dust off my Spanish!—HELP!!

15 Nov

Friday 16th— take off from London for El Salvador.

Nov. 22 –bus to Guatemala.

Dec. 3 –to Costa Rica.

Dec. 10/11–16 hour return flight to London

Along with news & information-gathering from workers in Central America, I’m planning to take part in a week’s outreach to a little-evangelized part of Guatemala. You may have heard that the biggest earthquake in decades (7.4 magnitude) just hit the country on November 7th. Another quake followed a few days later. Guatemala already suffers from the highest chronic malnutrition rate in Latin America and the fourth-highest rate in the world. On average, about one out of two people in Guatemala are malnourished, and among the indigenous population, it’s up to 80%. We hope to bring some hope both physically and spiritually.

 El Salvador actually means “The Savior” in Spanish, but this smallest of Central American countries has one of the worst murder rates in the world. Called “the land of volcanoes,” the culture seems to be volcanic in temperament, too: a civil war in the 80’s took at least 75,000 lives.  Our OM leader, Daniel, has a packed schedule for me.

 Costa Rica also sustained an earthquake in September, which workers are still helping to deal with.  They also want to tell me about a project called the “Pearl Process,” focused on women (and their children) who suffer aggression and poverty.

 In short, this trip promises not to be an easy one!  Would very much appreciate your prayer for * resistance to bugs (internal & external!) * sleep when I can get it * sensitivity to what God wants me to write about * good contacts * & smooth travels.  Oh, yes—and pray for no further earthquakes, please!! 

 I won’t be having a Thanksgiving Day while I’m on the road, but my heart is full of thanks for God’s greatness.