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New E-Book Just Published! FOOTSTEPS IN THE SEA

28 Aug


Walk up the gangway of OM International’s unique “book” ship with journalist Debbie Meroff and sail to the ends of the earth. Follow her adventures off the beaten track in Africa, the Andes, Russia and the Orient. Brace yourself for storms and even shipwreck, and marvel at how God so often chooses to use ordinary men and women to accomplish His extraordinary purposes!

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Join the World Changers!

17 Aug


A cup of cold water

3 Aug
We were dripping with sweat, temperatures over 100 degrees (40C) all week. When we pulled up in that Kosovar Roma (gypsy) community the children had run to throw their arms around us, faces alight. They were riveted as we produced a puppet, songs and drama, disregarding the blistering heat and dust.

We, however, were aware of our dehydration and when a girl appeared to pour us cups of cold water we fell upon her gratefully. I had been careful all week to drink only boiled or bottled water, but this was our last day. Surely one drink would be OK? The temptation was too great and I gulped it down.

 That water tasted so good! But like so many things in life, what looks or even tastes delightful may have a disastrous effect. I paid for my indiscretion that night and in the days to follow, now back in the UK.

Am I sorry that I went with Transform 2012 to Kosovo? Absolutely not!

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